Gather employees requests on a single platform

Organize your office needs, keep employees in the loop and build a happier work environment

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Easy workplace management
Get stuff done faster without missing any demand from your company employees
Centralize requests
Don't spend hours on Slack, Skype and Whatsapp anymore
Improve your process
Collect real insights from requests and make decisions that matter
Team work
Involve multiple managers to answer your office needs

All employees needs on first sight

Quickly get a bird's eye view of your workplace situation. New requests are prioritized automatically in real time so you know what to focus on immediately.

In depth history for every request

Each request has its own history shared with your entire office management team. Follow up is greatly improved as any manager is aware of each office needs.

Employees are kept in the loop and know exactly what is happening to their demands.
Decision making

Measure and anticipate

Activity is automatically measured to reveal trends and bottlenecks in your office processes. We find recurrent themes and provide a full study of your office team answer behavior.

Keep it human

We believe interpersonal relationships are at the core of happy companies. We ease communication between employees and their office managers without replacing them.

Get notified on Slack

We know nobody wants to stay in front of their screen waiting for the office manager to answer. Our bot allows to create tickets and receive real time notifications on your company Slack team directly. For free.
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